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iron_bug's Journal

20 January 1977
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Gonna update my profile a lil. Haven't changed it for a long time.

Well, I'm a programmer and bassist.

About music:
Played bass and did vocal for Theagony band, bass for God Vomit project.
Also played dark ambient music on cello together with Vampire (Ad Lux Tenebrae).
Recently I mostly played free improvizations in online jams with different musicians. Some old records may be found at http://www.myspace.com/iron_bug Though, myspace went freaky and I cannot use it under Linux anymore. So I moved to SoundCloud a while ago: http://soundcloud.com/iron-bug.
I have extremely wide voice range and like to sing Diamanda Galas' songs.
My old blog is http://www.ironbugsblog.blogspot.com
And yeah, I like online jams! http://onlinejamsessions.com/

About work:
For a long time I worked as a hardware programmer for Bank Innovation Systems (http://binsys.ru) and previously for Data-Center (http://www.dc.ru), dealing with system and hardware related programming for high tech bank equipment and industrial automation.
Since a while ago I work for Motiv Telecommunications (http://motivtelecom.ru). Now I deal with Linux ans Unix professionally, developing server software in telecommunications.
My public programmer's profile at LinkedIn is http://www.linkedin.com/pub/yana-kireyonok/82/196/b52
I'm a big fan of Linux OS, open source and cross-platform ideas. Dig in crossplatform C++ programming, hardware programming and robotics.


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